Alina Nazmeeva is a researcher, architect and artist investigating the relationships between cities and digital games, interfaces and publics, CGI and politics. Alina holds a Master of Science in Urbanism from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. She was a fellow of the New Normal programme at the Strelka Institute of Media, Architecture and Design (2017). Currently she is a research associate at the future urban collectives lab at MIT where she works on designing spaces and platforms or new forms of collectivity, and a research analyst at the MIT Real Estate Innovation Lab where she focuses her research on understanding the economy and design of virtual worlds and online games. Her writing has been published in PLAT, Media-N and CARTHA Magazine.


2020 - ongoing, essay and  animated film

Alienator_Bambi is a natural born cyborg. It explores the concept of cuteness, non-human character, and the tension between animation and life in the screen-spectator nexus. It aims to coopt the strategies used in social media culture to build an alternative narrative for body, nature and virtual subjectivity. Bambi asks, could a different digital subjectivity be constructed beyond explicitly anthropomorphic creatures? What are the limits of being non-human on social media? Cats have taken the internet since its early days, but could it be a digital creature? Could a cute CGI cyborg deer be embraced as willingly as digital humans, constructed on social media? What are the limits between synchronisation of a social media persona and a fleshy individual?

Bambi remixes the cute, the haunted and the uncanny. Taking up an anthropomorphic and exaggerated form that is appealing to a wide audience, Bambi aims to become a post-human avatar, that mashes-up a famous animated character, a simulacra of an animal species, 3d volumetric animated model, an archetype of a robot, a cyborg, in culmination with an instagram persona account with its affordances and limitations to structure a narrative. Implications that come with each of these media are under question and are to be exposed.